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Implant Overdentures

Say goodbye to denture adhesives, sore spots and embarrassing moments.

If you suffer from loose dentures, then our dedicated denture clinic at Gosforth Dental Surgery may have the perfect solution for you. Loose dentures can affect your confidence, the way you speak and the foods you eat, but this does not need to be the case. Here at Gosforth Dental Surgery we often secure loose dentures with dental implants giving you the confidence to smile again and eat the foods that you want. Mr Moustafa our specialist prosthodontist is highly experienced at securing loose dentures and complex dental implant treatments.

It’s really disappointing to hear there are patients out there who do not eat out at restaurants due to the fear of their dentures failing out. With modern dental implant dentures this really should be a thing of the past. If you are one of these people please contact our Newcastle Dental Practice and we can put you in touch with some of our clients who have had this treatment and they can explain how it’s changed their lives.

Implant Overdentures in Newcastle

What are implant overdentures?

Complete dentures should be held in place by their natural suction to your gums; sometimes a fixative may also be used. However, they tend to come loose and this can cause difficulties when trying to eat certain foods.

Dental implants from Gosforth Dental Surgery will hold your dentures firmly in place. Implants are small titanium screws that act as a substitute for the root portions of your missing teeth. The titanium implant is placed in the jawbone by a minor surgical procedure and becomes integrated with your natural bone.

Dentures can simply clip onto the implants and are held securely in place, which can give you the confidence to eat whatever you want without having to worry about your dentures coming loose or falling out. More patients seem to be opting for treatment with implants now. They have a dramatic effect on improving the quality of life.

Advantages of implant retained dentures include:

  • A stable and secure fit of your dentures to your gums
  • Less denture base covering the roof of your mouth
  • Improved taste and speech with less denture base
  • A bite comparable to your own natural teeth
  • Restored chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food
  • Improved digestion and well being
  • No more pressure points or sore spots

Implant overdentures in steps

On your first appointment at our Newcastle Dental Practice, your dentist will assess your needs and thoroughly examine your mouth for suitability for implant overdentures. Sometimes a CT scan will also be used, visualising your jaw 3 dimensionally. This will allow your dentist to identify and assess where the sinuses and nerves are, and if there is enough bone for the dental implants to bond with.

Using the initial CT scan and x-rays, the dentist will place the implants into the jawbone. The implants will need to heal and integrate with the jawbone, before the next appointment can take place. The process will normally take around 3 months and during this time the patient will be fitted with temporary dentures.

After the 3 months (on average) healing period, your dentist will start the restoration of the implants. There will be a try-in stage where your teeth are positioned in wax so you and your dentist can preview and discuss the appearance.

The last visit will involve trying in your dentures. Your dentist at Gosforth Dental Surgery will check the fit and bite and make any necessary adjustments. Once we’re happy it fits well and delivers a good bite, you walk out a new you.

Frequently asked questions

  • If you are missing or have lost all of your teeth
  • To support your existing dentures
  • To re-build your confidence
  • To improve your speech
  • To make eating easier

Some patients manage well with dentures initially when they are first fitted however as time goes on it is common that dentures can become uncomfortable and cause difficulties with eating and speaking. This is primarily due to the fact that the ridges in the mouth that support the dentures shrink back over time leading to loss of fit and instability of the dentures.

Unfortunately, at Gosforth Dental Surgery we hear that some older patients leave their teeth out with subsequent functional and social problems. Being able to enjoy eating our food and eating a healthy diet should be a pleasure in life and dental implants can help with this.

Placing dental implants in the jaw bone is a safe and simple procedure rarely more traumatic than a tooth extraction. These implants require a healing period of around three months to fuse with the bone.

Yes, anyone over 18 and in reasonably good health can have dental implants. Our thorough assessment will determine whether dental implants are the right option for you.

At your implant assessment consultation in our Newcastle Dental Practice, your mouth will first be examined, and then appropriate x-rays, models and photographs taken. If implants are appropriate, your dentist will provide you a full treatment plan together with an estimate of the costs of providing the treatment.

Although the timeframe can vary between individuals, it could take around three to six months including implant surgeries and the installation of the overdenture. During your consultation at Gosforth Dental Surgery, your dentist will be able to discuss with you the time needed to finish the treatment.

Only two implants are required to stabilise a lower denture, and four implants are required to stabilise the upper denture. Your dentist a Gosforth Dental Surgery will then place some ‘clips’ inside the denture (like a press-stud), this means you will hear an audible click as your denture locks into place.

In the upper jaw, the overdenture can be made to expose the palate so you gain an improvement in taste and have less issues tolerating a denture which does not cover the palate.

Depending on your exact situation we may decide that making a new denture is best for you, or we may even be able to convert your existing denture. During your first visit at our Newcastle Dental Practice, your dentist will assess your existing denture and will advise you with the best treatment option.

For the best results, patients should remove their overdentures at night and carry out good denture cleaning to ensure the fixtures stay in good condition for the long-term. The implants should also be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the onset of infection. At our Newcastle Dental Practice, your dentist and hygienist will show you how to take care of your implant and new over dentures at home.

Patients should attend regular check-ups following the installation of their overdentures to ensure any routine maintenance treatment required is carried out when necessary.