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Broken Tooth Repair

It is usually easy to repair a chipped tooth on the same day to restore your smile.

Physical injury can happen to anyone, at any time. A broken or chipped tooth is the most common dental emergency and can be painful. In the event of a broken tooth, you must not attempt to implant the broken fragment back into the gum. Instead, place it in a clean container and make sure the fragment is covered with saliva or milk until you can see your emergency dentist. The fragment may be used to repair your tooth.

The treatment of a fractured tooth depends on the degree of its injury. A chipped tooth can often be repaired with a white filling. Depending on the damage, a broken tooth may need to be replaced with a porcelain dental crown. Whatever the degree of damage might be, contact our Newcastle Dental Practice to see your dentist and to get the appropriate treatment.

Broken Tooth Repair in Newcastle

How are broken teeth treated?

Teeth fractures can be categorised as minor, moderate, or severe. Your emergency dentist at Gosforth Dental Surgery will be able to tell you whether it is ‘minor’ or ‘severe’, and then take the appropriate action:

  • Minor Fractures – A minor fracture can be left alone, smoothed, or restored with a white filling. Your dentist will decide after an examination
  • Moderate Fractures – A moderate fracture involves damage to the tooth structure and possibly to the pulp “nerve” inside the tooth. If the nerve does not suffer permanent damage, the tooth can be restored with a full permanent crown. Damaged nerve needs more treatment such as root canal treatment
  • Severe Fracture – A severe fracture is often not repairable and the tooth might need to be replaced

Frequently asked questions

High energy activities, like running, football and contact sports tend to cause more damage when there’s an accident or a rough tackle. If you enjoy high energy sports, you can ask your dentist at our Newcastle Dental Practice to provide you with a sports guard.

It depends on the damage. A small chip in the tooth can often be repaired with a white filling. However, sometimes the damage is beyond repair and the tooth has to be replaced. Your emergency dentist at Gosforth Dental Surgery will thoroughly examine the extent of the damage and go through the different options with you.