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Smile Makeover in Newcastle


Our experienced team is dedicated to creating cosmetically beautiful smiles


Do you want to change your smile to improve the colour, shape or length of your teeth? Are you unhappy with your smile but don’t know where to start? At Gosforth Dental Surgery in Newcastle our cosmetic dentists are able to use advanced specialist skills and computer programs to show you how your future smile will look like before any treatment is carried out, giving you full consent


Our full smile makeover uses a mixture of our cosmetic dental services provided at our practice in Newcastle to whiten, straighten, repair or replace missing teeth. No matter how self-conscious you may be about your smile, or how bad your current dental condition, it’s simply amazing what we can achieve with our knowledge, expertise and state of the art equipped clinic to create an attractive natural smile for you too.


Smile Makeover

What is Smile Makeover


Research shows that quite a lot of people lack confidence when smiling or even having a photo taken, and that they are concerned about the impact of their smiles on first impressions, such as at job interviews or business meetings. A smile makeover is a dental, facial or cosmetic treatment that can improve the condition, shape, or colour of a patient’s teeth, the alignment of their tooth structure or the replacement of missing teeth that deform the facial smile


Smile makeovers vary according to the needs of each patient. There are quite a few options available through our practice which include:


  • Teeth whitening to brighten stained teeth.
  • Invisalign braces to straighten crooked teeth.
  • Porcelain crowns to repair damaged teeth.
  • Cosmetic bonding to restore chipped teeth.
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers to treat discoloured teeth or gaps.
  • Orthodontics to align teeth structure.

Reasons for seeking smile makeover


Our patients have many reasons for seeking a smile makeover. Here are just some of the things we hear:


  • I feel self-conscious about my teeth and so can’t smile freely.
  • I have chipped, broken and misshapen teeth.
  • I don’t like the way I smile.
  • I have missing teeth which looks ugly.
  • My teeth are discoloured and I’d like them to be whiter.
  • People look at me when I smile and it’s affected my confidence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose the type of smile makeover that is right for me?

    You can only choose the right type of smile makeover treatment once you have the information about the specific aspects affecting your smile. Meeting you’re your dentist at our Newcastle dental practice will give you the information you need to make an informed choice about your dental and aesthetic needs.

  • What is teeth Mock-up?

    In some cases we will create a “mock-up” of your future smile. We can try this out directly in your mouth, using a tooth coloured resin material. We can check the aesthetics and function of the wax-up to make sure the new teeth shape suits your facial features and the teeth work together in harmony. We can then make the minor adjustments according to your desires.  When both you and your dentist at Gosforth Dental Surgery are happy with your smile then your ‘trial smile’ is converted into your permanent smile. In this way, your smile is perfect for you.

  • Can smile makeover be carried over a period of time?

    Yes. Some treatments are dependent on other treatments, so your smile makeover might be carries out over a period of months. After your initial consultation, your dentist will provide you with a time frame for the whole treatment.

  • What is involved in a smile makeover?

    Seeing your cosmetic dentist at Gosforth Dental Surgery to discuss your concerns about your smile. At the initial examination, you will be given information and an evaluation of how your smile can be improved. At our Newcastle dental practice, all the treatment options will be discussed with you and you can decide whether or not to proceed with the procedures.

  • Is a smile makeover painful?

    For all treatments, our sympathetic dentist will discuss the sensations that may be felt. In certain procedures, local anaesthetic is needed to numb the tooth and gum. At Gosforth Dental Surgery, all treatments are delivered pain-free and with sensitivity to your needs.

  • How much do smile makeovers cost?

    The cost varies according to the specific treatment and procedures, the types of materials used and the patient’s own dental and medical condition. After your initial consultation at our Newcastle dental practice, your dentist will answer all your questions about the cost and will also outline our payment options for you.